What is Sober Living? Is it Right For You?

If you or someone in your life struggles with addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s important to help them seek treatment fast. Rehab centers offer aggressive treatment programs to help addicts recover, but it’s rare for years of drug abuse to be undone in just a 90 day stay at a rehab facility. For many addicts, a sober living house may be the best next step in their rehabilitation process, offering a safe environment where they can work on ongoing recovery. Learn more about sober living and how it can help addicts regain a normal life.

More Time Sober Means Less Chance Of Relapse

A study that followed over 1,000 addicts verified how many relapsed over time. The most compelling result is that after a full year of sobriety, less than half of all recovering addicts will relapse. When addicts made it to five years of sobriety, their chances of relapsing dropped to just 15 percent. This research clearly shows the importance of staying sober. A sober living house can be the perfect approach for maintaining your sobriety.

What Is Sober Living?

While rehab centers provide active recovery and treatment programs, sober living homes serve as a place for addicts to live in a temptation-free environment while they work through their recovery process. Some residences, like Myrtle Beach Recovery, also include an emphasis on working the 12-step process as part of the requirement for living in the home.

It’s important to note that sober houses are designed to hold addicts accountable for staying sober. This is done through a series of rules that must be followed for residents to remain in the home. Rules for facilities vary, so be sure to contact the staff ahead of time for a better idea of what will be required.

Is Sober Living Right For You?

The problem with returning home directly after rehab is that it thrusts the addict back into the same temptations, patterns, and people that led them into their habit to begin with. If you’ve already been through a recovery program, then choosing a sober house as the next step in your recovery process may be a wise move.

A sober living home offers an environment where an addict can be held accountable for their day-to-day decisions. In many cases, the decision to go to a sober house may be the deciding factor in whether long-term recovery is achieved.

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No one can decide how to move forward with your recovery but you. However, research shows that moving to a sober home after rehab can give you the best chance at avoiding relapse. At Myrtle Beach Recovery, we offer a comforting environment where addicts can live their lives while working through the 12 Steps to Recovery.

With both short-term and long-term recovery programs available, we strive to provide the best setting for addicts to recover. Find out if our recovery house in Myrtle Beach, SC is the right place for you.

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