Top 5 Sober Blogs

Blogs help people solve various problems, ranging from repairing appliances to deciding between complex medical procedures. While some blogs provide professional advice based on scientific research, others offer people’s personal experiences with issues such as substance abuse. Continue reading to learn more about five blogs to help you or a loved one return to a sober life.

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1. LoveSober

Kate and Mandy write and talk about themes of interest to help women get sober, remain sober, and love the sober life. They focus on the habits, mindset, and lifestyle that is needed to live a healthy and balanced life without alcohol. In addition, they host a popular podcast that invites speakers with different perspectives on sobriety to share their individual experiences or scientific knowledge to help women seeking a sober life.

2. Simon Chapple

Simon Chapple, known as “The Quit Alcohol Coach,” is a UK-based sobriety coach. At age forty-four, he decided to stop drinking alcohol and help others do the same. Simon says that he thought alcohol was helping him solve his life’s problems for years. However, after years of anxiety, mood swings, and emotional problems, he discovered alcohol was causing him to live a “colorless and unhappy existence.” He writes and speaks about his journey, which includes being diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD. He started blogging on day one after quitting alcohol.

3. The Unruffled

Sondra Primeaux created this unique recovery blog that taps into your creative power to overcome alcohol abuse. She describes herself as a “mom, sister, daughter, maker, and idealist.” She not only authors creative articles, but she also hopes that her creativity will spark the creativity within everyone seeking the kind of sober life that she has found.

4. The Sober School

Kate writes and coaches to help others stop drinking and have fun doing it. She believes that the journey to a sober life can be relaxing instead of tough and miserable. After years of relying on alcohol for relaxation and confidence, in 2013 she decided to give up alcohol and believes you can too. Recent blog posts include:

  • I Got Tired of Pretending Everything Was Fine
  • Not Drinking At The Weekend Is Really Hard
  • How Much You Drink Doesn’t Matter-Here’s Why
  • 64 Famous Women Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

5. Understanding Addiction

If the science of addiction interests you, check out Marc Lewis’ blog. Marc is a neuroscientist who writes engaging and stimulating articles on topics such as the causes of addiction and why Hollywood portrays addiction a certain way on television and in movies. Marc combines his scientific background with his own struggles with addiction until age 30. He has authored books such as Memoirs of an Addicted Brain and The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is Not a Disease.

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