Tips for Surviving the Holidays Sober

The holiday season can be both a joyful and stressful time. Between interactions with family, searching for presents, and increased social obligations, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re pursuing your sobriety. However, these tips for surviving the holidays sober can help you stay calm and keep on track.

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Acknowledge That it Might Get Difficult

One of the biggest mistakes people make that often results in relapse is being overconfident about their sobriety. When you’re overconfident, you often put yourself in situations that you’re not ready for. Everyone’s boundaries are different when it comes to their sobriety, but stressful situations could include surrounding yourself with people who are drinking, talking to a former bad influence, or even keeping alcohol in your home to provide to guests.

Instead of being overconfident, have the mindset that this time of season may be difficult. Being more aware of yourself, others, and your surroundings during the holidays is more likely to prevent you from falling back into bad habits. Accepting the challenges presented by the holidays and gearing up to combat them is much more effective than pretending that there are no difficulties ahead at all.

Set Boundaries and Practice Saying “No”

It’s imperative that you set boundaries with yourself. You and you alone know your limits and what you can handle when it comes to your sobriety, and it’s important to respect those limits.

 Once you have a solid grasp on your boundaries, you then need to practice saying “no” to others when they exceed your limits. Whether you prefer not to explain your sobriety or know that a family gathering might trigger you, it’s ok to say no to these things. Your sobriety and health should always come first.

Know How to Alleviate Stress

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to have a few coping mechanisms on hand to reduce your stress levels. You should rely on these heavily throughout the holiday season and ensure that you practice self-care.  Managing your stress before it gets out of control is key. In addition, if you’re triggered by a certain situation, it’s also completely acceptable to remove yourself, if you need to.

Bring Your Own Beverages

If you’re going to a small holiday gathering this year, consider bringing your preferred beverage of choice. This will likely make you feel more comfortable knowing that you’ll have an option available that you truly like. Plus, having your beverage in your hand can deter people from asking you if you’d like an alcoholic drink.

Reward Successes Along the Way

Finally, when you succeed, you need to celebrate it. You can do this by indulging in an extra slice of cake, buying yourself that item you’ve been eyeing, or whatever else makes you happy. Successfully overcoming any stressful holiday situation is a huge accomplishment. Give yourself the recognition you deserve anytime you feel proud of what you’ve achieved.

Consider Myrtle Beach Recovery

We hope these tips for surviving the holidays sober assist you during this exciting yet stressful season. However, if you ever feel like you need assistance in maintaining your sobriety, don’t hesitate to reach out to Myrtle Beach Recovery. We offer short-term and long-term recovery programs, providing a safe place to work through the 12 Steps.

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