Thoughtful Sobriety Gift Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are a time to give thanks to the people we care about most. Gift-giving is one of the most common ways that we do this, but it can require some extensive thought. Each person is different, so it becomes important to give a present that celebrates how unique they really are. If you’re hoping to find the perfect present to celebrate someone who has chosen to remain sober, take a look at these thoughtful sobriety gift ideas for the holidays. These selections will show your loved one that you’re proud and excited to support them through this important chapter of their life.

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Consider Their New Hobby

Just as you would when selecting a present for any person, consider what your sober companion loves to do. If they’ve recently picked up a new hobby in their sobriety, give them something that encourages them to continue that hobby.

A gift to someone who is sober doesn’t have to scream that the present is solely about their sobriety. Instead, it can aid them in doing something that makes them happy, which in turn supports them in their journey.

Try a Class

Perhaps your loved one has been talking about trying a new hobby, but hasn’t yet had the time for it. This provides you with the perfect gift opportunity—take them to a class that introduces them to a new, fun activity! In doing so, you’ll be providing them with another outlet for enjoyment that takes their mind off of their addiction.

Photo Album

If you’re searching for a present that really celebrates your loved one’s sobriety in a thoughtful way, consider making them a photo album. Use pictures that were taken throughout their sobriety to really showcase how much happier and healthier they have become since making this decision.


Many people in recovery keep a daily journal. If your loved one does so on a consistent basis, they likely will need a new one pretty quickly! Giving them a journal prevents them from missing a few days of writing when their current one is filled, and it encourages them to continue this therapeutic habit.

A Plant

Plants symbolize growth, strength, and sustenance, which is perfect for celebrating one’s sobriety. In addition to being a beautiful gift, it can serve as a reminder to your loved one to stay strong during times of struggle. Plus, they may find joy and purpose in being responsible for the plant’s health each day.

Consider Myrtle Beach Recovery

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