Symptoms Of A High Functioning Alcoholic – Is It Time To Seek Help?

Over 86% of Americans have a drink at some point in their lifetime, but for some, this drink will lead to a habit that changes the course of their lives. For high-functioning alcoholics, the relationship with alcohol is kept separate from the rest of their lives, as they attempt to reap the benefits of both. Nevertheless, the high-functioning alcoholic struggles internally with addiction, even while they keep it secret from the world. Discover symptoms of a high-functioning alcoholic, and learn how you might help them before their situation becomes dire.

High-Functioning Alcoholics – Understanding The Difference

Alcoholism is a serious disease that plagues millions of adults worldwide. Many alcoholics continue to make a living, act as parents, and lead seemingly normal lives despite their addictions. High-functioning alcoholics essentially live double-lives, keeping their alcoholism at bay while maintaining a responsible persona. But toying with alcoholism is a game that not everyone wins, although many high-functioning alcoholics take pride in how good they are at hiding their addiction.

Signs Of High-Functioning Alcoholism

Whether it’s a loved one who exhibits these signs or you struggle with alcoholism yourself, the signs and symptoms on this list are typically found in high-functioning alcoholics.

1. They rarely stop at one or a few drinks

A high-functioning alcoholic drinks for the feeling and high of the alcohol. They’re just particularly good at hiding it. If you’re with someone who loves to have a few drinks at unexpected times, it could potentially be a sign of a high-functioning alcoholic.

2. High-functioning alcoholics justify their drinking

Hiding a habit of alcoholism involves planning and forethought, and high-functioning alcoholics are masters at having a perfectly reasonable reason for a night of drinking.

3. Prioritizing alcohol over food on a regular basis

If the desire for that alcoholic drink outweighs the desire for sustenance on a regular basis, that could be a sign of someone who’s hiding their addiction. This habit shows that their desire for the high from alcohol is more important than fulfilling their need for nutritious, healthy food.

4. They compartmentalize different parts of their lives

High-functioning alcoholics are experts at separating responsibilities from their party time. They may have a habit of being responsible parents, attentive spouses, and then hard drinkers or partiers, all in the same day.

Let Myrtle Beach Recovery Aid Your Recovery Process

If you or someone you love is maintaining a normal lifestyle while concealing an addiction to alcohol, the façade cannot last forever. It’s only a matter of time before addiction takes a toll on their career, relationships, and finances.

At Myrtle Beach Recovery, we can provide guidance to help you begin the recovery process, offering short-term and long-term residential recovery programs. Whether it’s with us or an organization that handles other stages of recovery, we’ll point you in the right direction. There’s no need to hide your addiction when help is available. Contact Myrtle Beach Recovery and see how we can help.