How to Stay Sober in College

In many people’s minds, the “college experience” involves experimenting with alcohol and other recreational drugs. While this may be the case for some people, it is by no means impossible to remain sober in college. Whether you’ve recently come to terms with your addiction or you’ve struggled with addiction in the past, having some guidance on how to stay sober in college will help you achieve your own, more fulfilling college experience.

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How to Prepare Yourself

To best set yourself up for sobriety in college, there are a few preventative measures you can take to better help you along the way. Consider adopting the following into your college lifestyle:

  • Tell a few people about your sobriety. A support system is key throughout your sobriety in college. Having people that you can talk openly and honestly with will not only allow you to hold yourself more accountable, but it gives you a few people to turn to during a rough patch. It can be scary to tell others about your decision to stay sober, but their support can truly make a world of difference.
  • Build a relationship with a college counselor. Along the same lines, building a relationship with a counselor gives you an outlet to seek professional help when times are tough. They can also connect you with other sober groups on campus and provide quick assistance when you need it.
  • Choose your roommates wisely. Once you’ve made your decision to stay sober, you should take a hard look at who would be best to surround yourself with during the remainder of your college experience. While many of your friends probably drink, consider if they plan to have a lot of parties in your space or if they plan to go out drinking heavily on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to ask them this upfront, because this can really affect your lifestyle and may lead to temptation down the line.
  • Participate in self-care activities. Self-care is key to maintaining your sobriety—particularly engaging in activities where alcohol or recreational drugs are not the primary focus. Try staying active and joining a sport, or consider a school-sponsored club.

In the Presence of Alcohol

It’s nearly inevitable that you’ll be in the presence of alcohol at some point in your college experience. When this does happen, there are a few things you can do to help maintain your sobriety:

  • Tell someone where you’re going. If you know you’re going to a social event where drugs or alcohol are likely to be involved, notify your support system. This way you’ll feel more responsible for maintaining your sobriety throughout the event.
  • Remind yourself. When temptation arises, there are two things you can remind yourself of. Think of how you felt the day after drinking or participating in drugs—it was likely pretty unpleasant. Also think about how this really affected your education, which is ultimately the reason you’re there! These thoughts may be what you need to ward off the urge to break your sobriety.

Consider Myrtle Beach Recovery

Knowing how to stay sober in college will help you create your own college experience that you’re truly proud of. If you’re ready to combat your addiction and make a positive lifestyle change, consider reaching out to Myrtle Beach Recovery for assistance. We offer short-term and long-term recovery programs, providing a safe place to work through the 12 Steps.

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