Sober Date Ideas: Alcohol Free Dates

Two of the most common reasons people drink alcohol are for coping with stress and being sociable. Dating combines both into one occasion that can present a challenging test to your pursuit of sobriety. Alcohol use is so prevalent in our society, that it might seem impossible to find something to do on a date without drinking. Additionally, you may have thought before now that you can’t be a friendly person without the fun that alcohol provided in the past. Below, we’ll provide you with sober date ideas that are enjoyable and alcohol free.

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The Fun of Alcohol-Free Dates

Your first obstacle might be the fear that you can’t find someone to date who is interested in attending a sober date experience. This hindrance may exist more in your mind than in reality because so many more people choose an alcohol-free life today than in the past. The reasons vary for this choice, but health and fitness are common ones many people give for abstaining. This trend is likely to gain more momentum as recent studies continue to show alcohol’s adverse effect on the brain, heart, liver, and other major organs.

Avoiding alcohol creates many more opportunities to have fun on a date than you probably thought possible. In addition, no matter where you choose to go or what you decide to do, you can more genuinely and deeply connect with the other person without alcohol impairment.

Five Alcohol-Free Date Ideas

  1. The Coffee Shop Date. Starbucks changed getting a cup of coffee into an experience. You can find coffee shops with relaxing music, coffee, teas, and food and an ideal atmosphere for connecting with someone.
  2. The Classic Date. Don’t overlook the classic dinner and movie date. Plenty of people politely turn down the offer to see the wine menu, so don’t let that prevent this time-honored way to get to know your date. Most people enjoy popcorn and a soft drink at the theatre, so you don’t need to feel alone with this choice instead of alcohol.
  3. The Great Outdoors Date. Enjoying nature with another person can spark many interesting and fun conversations. Taking in breaths of fresh air while hiking a trail and enjoying the scenery is a healthy way to share a day without the effects of alcohol. Hiking in the outdoors is the perfect date where drinking clean water feels much more natural than drinking alcohol.
  4. The Rollercoaster Date. Hopefully, the fun you have on your date will soar like a rocket and not be an up-and-down time. But why not consider sharing an amusement park experience that practically guarantees fun. It’s doubtful that you or your date will have alcohol on your mind while riding rides, playing games, and eating the variety of foods at a nearby amusement park.
  5. The Bowling Date. You might consider this a retro date, but the fact is that people still bowl, and its popularity is soaring today. Many people who go bowling on their first date recall it as their best date ever. There are plenty of reasons that it is still a leading recreational sport in America. Most bowling alleys provide more to do than bowling, such as playing other games, dining, and areas for socializing. Bowling also offers an opportunity to learn a great deal about your date’s personality.

Whether you choose one of these activities or another of the endless options available for alcohol-free dates, remember you can have lots of fun without the influence of alcohol. Set aside all your old conceptions of dating and have a fun and sober time with your date.

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