How a Sober Coach Could Help You

A sober coach can be a valuable asset in addiction treatment and recovery. Their training and life experiences provide unique guidance and support that can help prevent relapse and ensure your success in returning to a sober and rewarding life. Here at Myrtle Beach Recovery, we offer our very own sober coaches to help you navigate your new sober life. Read on below to find out how a sober coach works, and how we can help you.

We offer a safe place to rebuild the habits you need for a sober and successful life, contact Myrtle Beach Recovery to learn more about our recovery programs and find a sober coach who can help you today.

What Is A Sober Coach?

A sober coach helps during the early stages of recovery by providing part-time support and assistance to prevent relapse. Although a sober coach may be available to help 24/7, they are not on-site like a sober companion. Instead, they provide their services during regularly scheduled appointments. A sober coach is typically someone who has successfully navigated the recovery journey and desires to help others do the same.

How a Sober Coach Helps With Recovery

One of the most significant ways a sober coach can help with recovery is by sharing the story of their journey. Their life experiences and passion to help others succeed in living a sober and fulfilling life can make them integral in recovery for many addicts.

Sober coaches can help with the various aspects of recovery, including:

  • Goal setting. Recovery is a lengthy process of short and challenging steps. Studies show setting effective short- and long-term goals reduces relapse during recovery. A sober coach can help you set the right goals, reach them, and celebrate each victory along the way.
  • Identifying obstacles. You face numerous challenges on the way to sobriety. Some of these are universal and shared by everyone in recovery. A sobriety coach helps you understand and deal with these and recognizes challenges unique to you.  
  • Creating a healthy lifestyle. Your sobriety coach can show you what a healthy diet and exercise plan looks like and how to implement them into your life. You can also discover with your coach how to develop healthy sleeping habits that can benefit your recovery in many ways.
  • Maintaining a positive attitude. Sobriety coaches understand how your attitude is critical to your recovery success. They are sensitive to changes in your behavior and communication that may demonstrate when your attitude becomes more negative. A good sobriety coach won’t let this negativity last long before helping you get back on a positive track.
  • Developing problem-solving methods. Your old ways of solving problems are no longer acceptable to you. Yet, you may not know how to develop new skills. A sobriety coach has faced this and can help you learn healthy and productive ways to manage problems such as financial difficulties, strained relationships, loneliness, boredom, and cravings.

How a Sober Coach Helps With The Family

Many times, the addict’s family plays a crucial role in sobriety. Parents, especially, are often overwhelmed with their child’s substance abuse. A sober coach can help them navigate the emotions and challenges of helping a family member during recovery. In addition, a sober coach can provide critical information and help, such as:

  • Education about the dangers and challenges of addiction and relapse.
  • Intervention strategies in conjunction with others involved in recovery, such as counselors. Interventions typically include clearly defined steps and guidelines for the addict and family members.
  • Direction to any additional resources that may be helpful.
  • Help to reestablish broken family relationships.
  • Facilitation of honest and open communication.
  • Identifying and helping to correct harmful behaviors or habits.

Consider Myrtle Beach Recovery

Myrtle Beach Recovery offers a peaceful environment for addiction recovery. Contact us to learn more about successful recovery through our sober coaches on staff.