Drug Addiction Personality Changes

The extreme feelings and cravings associated with drug addiction are extremely powerful. So much so that they can completely change people, causing them to behave in unexpected, difficult, and outlandish ways. Drug addiction personality changes may be major or subtle. Either way, they can be just one sign among others that it’s time to seek help.

Different Drugs, Different Affects

When you consider the effect of different drugs, it makes sense that they’d affect people in varying ways. For example, methamphetamine is a powerful stimulant that fills the user with nervous energy—so the way this changes a user’s personality will be different than someone who abuses muscle relaxers that leave them calm and disassociated. Understanding the types of personality changes a loved one is exhibiting is useful because it can help you realize what type of drug they may be abusing.

The drug being used is a major factor in how it will influence a user’s behavior. Browse this list to see some of the drug addiction personality changes you can expect from each drug:


Addicts who are on crystal meth will be exceptionally outgoing and talkative, and will demonstrate an inability to sit still. They’re likely to talk to themselves if no one else is around, and they may pace around the room due to their hyper state. Pupils will also be noticeably dilated.


Cocaine is a drug that dramatically alters an addict’s personality and physically alters the brain. Since the short-lived high of cocaine causes a dopamine rush and sense of euphoria, it quickly makes it difficult for the addict to feel happiness by other means. This is a condition that often leads to depression.

Opiates and Heroin

As one of the biggest epidemics in this country, opiate abuse can greatly change the personality of an abuser. One way this will manifest is in terms of their obsession with getting more of the drug, which can affect all aspects of their life, and can even cause addicts to commit crimes to fulfill their habit.

General Personality Changes Associated with Addiction

Addiction to meth may look different than addiction to cocaine, but some aspects of addiction are alike regardless of the substance. Here are some personality changes to watch for in those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol:

  • More defensive and irritable than usual
  • Breaking social and professional obligations
  • Displaying obsessiveness over their habit
  • Quick to anger and grow volatile or violent
  • Look for their desire to hide their habit
  • Depression is common as addicts suffer withdrawal symptoms and reduced highs

Is Someone You Love Struggling With Addiction?

Personality changes can be caused by all types of addictive substances, and the affects may differ greatly from drug to drug. Nonetheless, it’s still possible to identify these changes, connect them to addiction, and help the addict in your life receive the help they need.

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