How Does Drug Addiction Affect Relationships?

So, how does drug addiction affect relationships? While addiction takes a toll on you personally, it is almost equally as hard on those who care about you. When you’re able to recognize the largely negative effects that your addiction has on others, it can become a driving force in asking for the help that you need.

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Your family is often your number one fan and support system. However, it is difficult to play this role in the presence of addiction. Family members may begin to feel helpless after trying to get you to accept your addiction time and time again to no avail. They may even blame themselves for somehow causing the addiction.

In addition, it’s also common for those struggling with addiction to become codependent on family members. This causes a further strain on your loved ones’ mental health and their financial burden. In the end, these negative feelings may eventually lead to resentment and an unwillingness to allow you in their lives.


While there’s no changing who your family is, friends can come and go. When trying to maintain friendships while struggling with addiction, you run the risk of losing those you’re closest to.

Your friends may recognize that you have a problem, but they might feel uncomfortable confronting you in fear that you’ll lash out. This presents them with an uncomfortable situation overall—they know that a close friend has a problem, yet they are too afraid to say anything.

If a friend feels confident enough to confront you, but you constantly refuse or deny your addiction, they may feel helpless and like they have let you down as a friend. This is extremely damaging psychologically.

In addition, if a friend recognizes your addiction, they might feel that they are responsible for your actions or they may be embarrassed by your actions while under the influence. This is a difficult burden for a loved one of any sort to bear. In the end, they may feel that it is healthier for them to cut you out of their lives.

Significant Others

Significant others have committed to being in a serious relationship with you. Depending on the situation, they are often willing to stick with you through thick and thin. However, that doesn’t mean that they will stay forever, especially if you refuse to seek help for your addiction.

Again, just like with friends, they may be embarrassed about how you act while under the influence. Just like with family, they might feel completely helpless in the situation, leading to resentment. While they may truly love you deep down, they may feel that it is healthier for themselves to move forward without you. This is puts them in a truly heartbreaking situation—despite how much they care about you and want to be with you, they feel the relationship has to end due to your addiction.

Consider Myrtle Beach Recovery

Understanding how drug addiction affects relationships may help you realize that it’s time for you to seek help. If you’re ready to combat your addiction and make a positive lifestyle change, consider reaching out to Myrtle Beach Recovery for assistance. We offer short-term and long-term recovery programs, providing a safe place to work through the 12 Steps.

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