What Is The Difference Between Drug Dependence And Addiction?

Understanding the difference between drug dependence and addiction can help you better understand what is going on inside of you or a loved one who is suffering from substance abuse. Explore this issue further and learn the subtle differences between drug dependence and addiction.

Dependence vs Addiction – The Distinction Is Simple

Those who are dependent on a drug need it physically to achieve a state of physical well-being. People who are addicted have no power over their craving for the drug, and they may have both a mental and physical need for it.

Understanding Drug Dependence

One notable aspect of drug dependence is that it’s a lot more normal than you probably realize. For example, even legitimate medications can lead to physical dependence when taken as prescribed. However, there is a crucial difference, and that is the fact that those who are physically dependent on a drug can still make the mental choice to overcome their condition. While drug dependence typically refers to physical cravings associated with the drug, mental drug dependence is a state that involves other kinds of triggers that influence the user.

Mental Drug Dependence

Mental drug dependence can be as powerful as its physical counterpart. One important aspect of mental dependence is that it’s characterized by triggers. When someone is exposed to certain experiences, sounds, or events that make them want to use, this signifies mental dependence. When physical and mental dependence are both present, it doesn’t take much for the problem to advance into a serious addiction that can quickly become harmful.

What Constitutes Addiction?

When dependence becomes worse, it can lead to drug addiction. While those who are dependent on a drug are feeling strong physical cravings, they can still fight those cravings. This is no longer the case, however, when addiction takes hold. Addicts lose all power over their need for the substance. This is why outside influence of loved ones or law officials is often the only way to help an addict recover from their addiction.

Dependence Can Easily Lead To Addiction

At the point of drug dependence, the user still has control over their mind and cravings. But those cravings are affecting them physically, making their bodies feel as if they need the drug to be happy. While this dire situation is escapable, it also creates a tempting situation that can quickly evolve into addiction. It’s for these reasons that drug dependence shouldn’t be disregarded. It should be regarded as a threat to person’s life and well-being.

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