Common Myths Vs Facts About Alcohol Use

Alcohol is widely used by adults throughout the United States, but it also is the cause of devastation in the lives of those who are prone to addiction. While just about everyone is aware of alcoholism, there are numerous misconceptions about the disease, what it means, and how it effects those who are afflicted by it. Separating the truth from these common myths can give you a better understanding of what happens when you use alcohol and the effects of overuse and addiction. In this post, we’ll discuss common myths vs facts about alcohol use and addiction.

Myth 1 – The Right Hangover Cure Will Leave You Feeling Better In The Morning

While supposed hangover cures range from tomato juice to a greasy breakfast, it’s actually what you eat before passing out that determines how hungover you feel. For example, drinking a lot of water before sleeping after a night of drinks can do a lot to help you recover quickly the next morning. Rather than cooking up your hangover cure, just remember the importance of hydration to start feeling better.

Myth 2 – Everyone Drinks, So It’s No Big Deal

This simply isn’t true. People choose to abstain from alcohol use for a wide variety of reasons. Athletes avoid alcohol to optimize their fitness and performance, while those trying to lose weight and keep it off forego alcohol due to its empty calories. From genetic conditions to avoiding a family history of addiction, the amount of reasons people choose to abstain from alcohol are virtually limitless.

Myth 3 – If I Don’t Drink As A Teen I Won’t Fit In

It may seem like all of the cool kids are partying and drinking regularly, but the fact is, by age 18 only 60 percent of teens have even tried one drink. That leaves 40 percent of teens who fulfill their time with sports, studying, socializing, and other activities instead. If it seems like everyone around you is drinking, try to gravitate toward the 40 percent who won’t even try alcohol.

Myth 4 – If I Binge Drink All That Will Happen Is A Hangover

Although hangovers can be terrible in the short term, binge drinking can cause additional long term damage. Alcohol poisoning and death can result from consuming too much alcohol in a single sitting. Regular binge drinking can lead to addiction and other medical issues as well. Not to mention the increased risk of car crashes, suicide, violent crime, and other unwanted accidents that are more prevalent while on alcohol.

Myth 5 – I Drink Everyday But Can Quit Anytime I Want

The most common cliché of addicts in denial is that they can quit whenever they want. This statement suggests that they have power over the substance they use daily by pointing to a time where they’ll quit. Only too often, that time never comes. There are social, genetic, and environmental factors that determine whether someone succumbs to alcohol addiction, but make no mistake: Alcohol is one of the most physically addictive substances known to man. If you’re drinking every day, you’re putting yourself at severe risk of an addiction that can quickly take over your life.   

Understand The Truth, And Seek Help When Needed

If you or someone you love is in the throes of alcoholism, there is no time to waste. Seeking help before they hurt themselves or someone else is crucial. Myrtle Beach Recovery can help. We offer short-term and long-term rehabilitation programs, with a focus on working the 12 Steps of Recovery.

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