Common Alcohol Abuse Health Problems

It’s a well-known fact that abusing alcohol will lead to health problems, but exactly how it affects your life is a more complex question. From jeopardizing relationships to ruining your physique, the risks of alcohol abuse can go far beyond the physical. Learn more about some of the most common alcohol abuse health problems that await those who drink alcohol in excess.

The Many Ways Alcohol Abuse Affects Your Life

Alcohol produces an affect that calms the nervous system. But make no mistake—it’s ultimately a toxin for the body, and using it in excess results in a wide variety of consequences. From feeling fatigued and unhealthy in the short term to devastating diseases like cancer in the long term, find out how alcohol abuse can wreak havoc on the lives of those addicted to it.

Stress & Mental Effects

There’s no doubt that increased stress in a person’s life can have a negative impact on their health. Alcoholics experience more stress due to problems with their relationships, finances, and feeling unhealthy in general. While these can be challenging in the short term, over time they can take their toll on the addict’s health, leading to a variety of serious problems.

How the Stress of Alcohol Abuse Can Negatively Affect Your Health:

  • Isolation from alcoholism can lead to depression
  • Financial problems can make life more difficult and stressful
  • Additional stress and alcohol use can impact sleep patterns
  • Weight gain from alcohol abuse is unhealthy physically and mentally

Short Term Physical Effects

Even after a short period of daily alcohol abuse, some negatives may already be affecting your health. Consider these potential problems that can develop shortly after a bout of consistent binge drinking:

  • Dehydration leads to feelings of fatigue and nausea
  • Chances of serious injury and violence are significantly higher
  • Focusing on alcohol often leads to poor dietary choices and obesity

Long Term Physical Effects

Over time, there’s no limit to the damage alcoholism can cause to your health. From cancer to heart problems, those who continue to abuse alcohol are putting their health at serious risk. These are some of the most prevalent health problems associated with alcoholism:

  • Increased risk of many cancers including throat, liver, and breast
  • High blood pressure and heart disease can result from long term alcohol abuse
  • Stroke and liver disease are much more common among alcoholics

Get Help Recovering From Alcoholism

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