Cocaine Addiction Recovery Facts & Resources

At Myrtle Beach Recovery, we understand the problems and struggles associated with cocaine addiction recovery. We also have experience helping residents take the right steps toward sobriety. Learn more about the symptoms of cocaine addiction, the havoc it wreaks on your body, and how you can work to put an end to it.

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Whether you are hoping to help a loved one or are struggling with using yourself, it’s important to know the symptoms of cocaine addiction:

Abuse vs Withdrawal

Different signs may be present depending on whether an addict is in the midst of using cocaine or if they’re attempting to quit and going though painful withdrawals. This crucial difference can help you determine which phase of the addiction your loved one is in or what to expect if you’re addicted to cocaine yourself.

Symptoms of Cocaine Abuse

Behavioral changes are extremely common in cocaine addicts. From the powerful addictive effects of the drug to the fact that it’s one of the most expensive, it’s safe to assume that a cocaine addict is under a high amount of stress. If you combine this with career pressures, desire for their next fix, and fear of getting caught, this can result in major behavioral changes, which are a key sign to look for in a cocaine addict.

It’s common for cocaine addicts to disappear at random times to engage in their habit. Psychological symptoms of someone who is on cocaine include an unusually high sense of confidence and tons of energy—remember that cocaine is a powerful stimulant. Cocaine also tends to make users extremely talkative. Aside from mental symptoms, it’s also common for cocaine addicts to have the physical symptom of rubbing their nose often. Some may even have white residue drip from their nose.

Signs of Cocaine Withdrawal

Prolonged cocaine use means that the user’s brain has been altered to the point where they need cocaine to feel pleasure—and withdrawal symptoms can begin after a single use. While cocaine withdrawal does not involve the extreme physical afflictions common with other types of withdrawal, a crash can lead a user to experience intense fatigue, anxiety and irritability along with other psychological issues like paranoia, depression and suicidal tendencies.

It may take months or even years to recover from an addiction to cocaine and to be able to feel pleasure normally again. Withdrawal symptoms and length of recovery will vary from person to person.

Problems Associated With Untreated Cocaine Addiction

It’s no secret that untreated cocaine addiction is serious. Cocaine withdrawal is powerful enough to make family-oriented people become criminals, stealing and committing crimes to support their habit. Plus, cocaine is almost always stepped on, forcing users to inhale fillers which can have negative effects on the body. Cocaine itself can also kill those who do too much at one time.

How Cocaine Addiction Can Be Treated

Cocaine is a powerful and addictive drug. Myrtle Beach Recovery provides short and long term recovery programs that can help you in your addiction struggle. Don’t feel like you have to fight your cocaine addiction alone. It’s a serious condition that has damaged and even taken lives. Seeking help may be the only way to save your life.

Myrtle Beach Recovery Is Here for You

Our recovery programs combine individual and group discussions while emphasizing the 12 Step Program. With our tried and true method, you can start your recovery from addiction today.  Every day is vital and there is no time to waste.

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