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Chronic Relapsing: How to Stop the Cycle

It is a significant step in someone’s life to enter a recovery program. The journey toward sobriety begins with hope, excitement, and motivation. However, many people do not realize it will also take perseverance to reach their goal. Successful recovery often requires persevering through many ups and downs, including the cycle of success and relapse. […]

What to Say When Someone Relapses

Recovery is a challenging time for everyone, including friends and family of a person pursuing sobriety. One of the challenges is the likelihood of relapsing after a time of successful recovery. This is a disappointing and emotional time when words have the potential to help or hinder the recovery process. Yet, many times, a few […]

Can You Force Someone into Rehab?

It is common for loved ones and family members to eventually ask whether their loved one who is an addict can be forced into rehab. Unfortunately, this question looms more prominent today than ever due to a couple of troubling statistics. First, the percentage of people receiving help for substance abuse is slightly above ten […]

Is There a Difference Between a Drunk and an Alcoholic?

Some words are more culturally acceptable than others, even if the lines between the words are blurred. For example, describing someone who gets drunk while having a good time is often laughed at the next day. However, that same drunken person might be severely offended and become defensive if you asked him if he was […]

Why do Addicts Relapse When Things are Good?

Recovery from addiction is a challenging journey marked with ups and downs. Sobriety is to be celebrated and commended; those who reach this goal have the well-earned respect of friends and family. Science tells us, however, that addiction is a chronic disease—one to be managed and not cured. Like other chronic diseases, addiction relapse rate […]

Dry Drunk vs. Sober

Sobriety is a process that requires commitment, demanding work, the right attitude, and the help of others. Although the initial goal is simple, stop drinking, those in recovery face many challenges throughout their lives. One issue that arises is dry drunk syndrome vs being sober. 

AA Page 417: Acceptance

Everyone has a unique path to addiction. Likewise, everyone’s journey to sobriety is personal and cannot be replicated. However, addiction’s problems and solutions have features that are common to many people. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) identified what they believe is at the root of every problem and its solution. Read on to learn about AA page […]

Making Amends in AA

The Serenity Prayer recited at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings mentions the courage to do things that can be changed. This courage is especially needed by those in recovery when the time comes to look back and decide what amends are needed. However, this can be a significant healing step with careful thought and proper action. […]

Ultimate List of Sober Quotes for Recovery Motivation

A recent study found that participants who received inspirational quotes reported higher well-being, life satisfaction, and happiness scores than those who did not. These findings are consistent with previous research that showed the power of the right words to motivate and inspire people to a better life. Those in recovery have many quotes to inspire them to […]