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I Hate Being Sober, What Should I Do?

One of the challenges of addiction recovery is hating the sobriety you worked so hard to reach. It’s common to hear “I hate being sober” and you are not alone if you realize you resent not being able to drink one day. When you hate, rather than enjoy sobriety, you may feel like it isn’t […]

Emotionally Unavailable Alcoholic: Why This Happens and What To Do

The loved one of an alcoholic faces the harsh truth that addiction severely challenges the best of relationships. Compounding the challenge is alcohol’s chemical effect on the brain and its ability to control a person’s emotions. Continue reading to learn more about the emotionally unavailable alcoholic: why this happens and what to do to help […]

Be Sober Minded: What Does it Mean in AA?

The 12 Step Program had its beginnings with Dr. Frank Buchanan, a Lutheran minister who experienced a spiritual transformation in 1908. He shared his experience with others, and eventually, groups of followers formed. These followers, known as the Oxford Group, formed at Oxford, Yale, Harvard, and other universities. Continue reading to learn how the Oxford […]

How Long Does It Take To Get Sober?

Although most people drink for relaxation or social reasons, it often leads to overuse and profound consequences. Full sobriety and freedom from addiction is different for everyone. Somewhere along that journey, you may wonder how long does it take to get sober? Continue reading to learn more about the effects of alcohol and regaining sobriety.

How a Sober Coach Could Help You

A sober coach can be a valuable asset in addiction treatment and recovery. Their training and life experiences provide unique guidance and support that can help prevent relapse and ensure your success in returning to a sober and rewarding life. Here at Myrtle Beach Recovery, we offer our very own sober coaches to help you […]

What is a DWI Charge?

A charge of driving under the influence (DUI) will thrust you into the stressful, confusing, and expensive South Carolina criminal justice system. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the dire consequences you experience. These can remain with you for the rest of your life. In addition to the legal problems of a DUI, it may also […]

What Is an Aggravated DWI?

All charges of intoxicated driving are not the same, but if you receive more than one DWI or a severe charge such as aggravated DWI, it’s likely you need help to manage your drinking. Especially as a misdemeanor charge that only stays on your record temporarily can quickly turn into a severe and life-changing event […]

What is a DWI vs. DUI?

Although a DWI and a DUI have similar consequences, there might be some differences depending on the state in which you live. Both offenses have significant ramifications for the short term, such as fines, higher insurance premiums, mandatory driver’s education programs, and, possibly, jail time. However, the long-term implications can harm your future opportunities for […]

How Likely Is Jail Time For The First DUI?

The annual costs of automobile accidents involving alcohol exceed $130 billion. The financial cost is only one of several negative consequences of a DUI arrest. It is surprising to many people to learn how far-reaching the impact of a first DUI has on someone’s life. If you or a loved one drove under the influence, […]

What Does Cross Addiction and Cross Dependence Mean?

The people who find help in addiction recovery encounter many challenges on their way to a sober and fulfilling life. These challenges include cravings, mood changes, loneliness, and possible financial hardship. In addition, becoming addicted to another substance is an obstacle that some have heard is an inevitable phase of recovery. Read below to learn […]