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What Is The Most Addictive Drug?

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) data and the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveal that more than twenty million Americans battle drug addiction. Drug addiction is a complex and often misunderstood disease. Many people mistakenly blame a lack of moral principles or character flaws without considering the powerful effects drugs have […]

Addiction in Men vs. Women

One issue women have faced in health care is their exclusion from addiction studies. After many years of focusing on the effect of addictive substances on only men, researchers began including women in their studies. The results of their scientific research discovered several differences in addiction between the genders. If you or a loved one […]

Seven Most Common Addictions in the U.S

The level of drug addiction has reached epidemic proportions, as reported with opioids’ significant role in drug overdose deaths in the United States. Although drug use typically begins with a desired effect of the feeling it gives, it eventually causes unwanted and substantial changes in how your brain functions.

Senior Citizen Substance Abuse: Signs, Statistics & Risks

Senior citizen substance abuse is a rapidly growing health problem in the United States. The abuse of cocaine, heroin, alcohol, opioids, and prescription drugs is often overlooked among loved ones and health care providers. At the same time, senior adults suffer severe health consequences that often lead to hospitalization.

Addiction vs. Dependence: What’s The Difference?

Most people use the words addiction and dependence interchangeably to describe someone’s struggle with substance abuse. While it is essential to understand that addiction and dependence describe distinct conditions, confusion is common among patients, caregivers, and even some mental health professionals.

Sober Date Ideas: Alcohol Free Dates

Two of the most common reasons people drink alcohol are for coping with stress and being sociable. Dating combines both into one occasion that can present a challenging test to your pursuit of sobriety. Alcohol use is so prevalent in our society, that it might seem impossible to find something to do on a date […]

Teenage Substance Abuse Prevention Tips

Alcohol and drug abuse are common problems among teenagers which can have significant effects on their lives and the lives of their friends and family. Most adults with addictions report that their abuse started during their teen years. Parents, teachers, and other adults can help prevent teenage substance abuse by learning:

Twelve Ways to Keep Your Cool When Sobriety Gets Hard

It is not uncommon to become angry and lose your cool, especially when sobriety gets hard. Keep reading to learn why sobriety can get hard, why you might become angry, and tips to help you keep your cool. If you or your loved one need a safe space to recover from addiction, contact Myrtle Beach […]

Tips for Sobriety When Your Spouse Drinks

Pursuing your sobriety while your significant other does not can present a unique set of challenges. However, with some preparation, you can stay true to your recovery and continue cultivating a healthy relationship. For assistance, explore these tips for sobriety when your spouse drinks.

4 Tips for Staying Sober This Summer

Summer is a time for relaxation and outdoor fun. Whether you’re taking a summer vacation or staying home for the season, it’s important to know that it’s entirely possible to enjoy this time of year while pursuing your sobriety. Below, we’ll provide you with four tips for staying sober this summer!