Alcohol Addiction & Recovery Resources – Myrtle Beach, SC

No other drug is as mainstream yet as problematic as alcohol. While millions of Americans drink beer, wine, and cocktails each day, some are susceptible to their addictive qualities. Alcoholism is an extremely serious addiction that can rob you of your family, finances, and even your freedom. Explore the symptoms of alcohol addiction and discover recovery resources that could help you or a loved one.

Alcohol Abuse & Dangers

Alcohol addiction is a major problem throughout the United States. Numerous crimes are associated with alcohol abuse, and alcohol consistently ranks among the top causes of death in the country. Over 100,000 people die each year from alcohol related events, including car crashes, murders, and suicides committed under its influence. Alcohol abuse has a negative effect on every organ in your body and greatly increases your chances of diseases like oral cancer.

What Alcohol Addiction Looks Like

Although widely available in restaurants and supermarkets, alcohol is a highly addictive substance. If you or someone in your life can’t go through a single day without craving alcohol, that may signify an addiction. It’s common for alcoholism to affect every aspect of an addict’s life, although some will become very good at hiding their alcoholism. Alcohol abuse is often associated with aggressive and violent crime, so changes in behavior are extremely common.

Physical Changes

  • Change in weight gain or loss
  • Bloated appearance, especially in the head
  • Engorged stomach from daily consumption of empty calories
  • Dry skin
  • Bad breath
  • Red and broken facial capillaries
  • Premature aging (long-term symptom)
  • Jaundice with yellow skin

Behavioral Changes

  • Lying to cover up alcohol addiction
  • Volatile attitude and short temper
  • Planning life activities around alcohol
  • Blacking out
  • Neglecting family and responsibilities
  • Declining performance in school and work
  • Prioritizing drinking alcohol over other activities

Symptoms Of Alcohol Withdrawal

As with most addictions, the amount of alcohol that an addict needs will increase over time. When an alcoholic can’t get the alcohol they crave, a variety of withdrawal symptoms may occur. It’s common for alcoholics in withdrawal to experience anxiety, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and insomnia. Those who are withdrawing from alcohol will also appear shaky and nervous. Some withdrawal symptoms can continue for weeks, so it’s best to seek help at the earliest opportunity.

Recovering From Alcohol Addiction

In many cases, alcohol addiction may be too severe for the addict to overcome on their own. Fortunately, the 12 Step Program has proven effective at combatting alcohol addiction when addicts are willing to put in the work. While overcoming alcohol addiction won’t be easy, participating in group and individual discussions can give you the best chance at returning to a normal life.

Get A Second Chance At Myrtle Beach Recovery

If you or someone you know has an alcohol problem, it’s time to act. At Myrtle Beach Recovery, we provide a safe recovery house for alcoholics to work the 12 Step Program. Our facility has a basketball court, community kitchen, and an environment that is suitable for the recovery process. If you need detox treatment, professional counseling, or other specialized care, our team at Myrtle Beach Recovery can point you in the right direction as well.

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