How Technology is Helping People Recover from Addiction

How Technology is Helping People Recover from Addiction

Addiction recovery has relied on therapy, support groups, AA, rehab, and other programs for years now. These are all still essential parts of recovery that every addict will go through at some point to reach a place where they are healed. However, with so many technological advancements, it’s not surprising that there are new methods that use tech to help addicts overcome their addiction. In this blog, we will look at how technology is helping people to recover from addiction. 

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Ways Technology is Helping People with Addiction Recovery

Virtual Reality (VR): Facing Triggers in a Safe Space

It can be hard to replicate the triggers you experience at home when in a therapeutic setting. But VR might be a way that therapists can help with this problem in the future. VR can simulate real-life experiences to help you practice coping skills to reduce cravings and, therefore, improve the outcome of treatment of addiction. 

Biofeedback: Tuning into Your Body’s Wisdom

Biofeedback can read your physiological responses, like heart rate and stress, to give real-time feedback. This allows you to be aware of your responses to triggers and helps you to self-regulate before the trigger becomes overwhelming with techniques such as visualization.

Wearable Devices: Track Progress and Stay Motivated

Being able to track your improved health once you stop using a substance can be really motivating for some. That’s where wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers come in. You can pair them, too, with apps and log your cravings, moods, and milestones on other apps like Sober Tools. 

Remote Patient Monitoring: Healthcare on the Go

Remote patient monitoring is when your healthcare provider can constantly measure vital signs, sleep patterns, and mood. This is often done with wearable technology. This data paints a better picture for your doctor so that treatment can be adjusted as needed. It’s personalized healthcare backed by data. 

The Human Touch: Tech-Powered, Not Tech-Driven

The human aspect of recovery will ultimately always be the best tool for freedom from addiction. But, tech can help you integrate that into your life more easily with things such as online support groups, teletherapy sessions, and access to online coaches. 

Let Myrtle Beach Recovery Support You

Technology is a big part of the future of addiction recovery. As we learn more about how addiction and the brain works, we can tailor tools to help people live better lives. But good old-fashioned support, programs, and rehab will always be the number one way to overcome addiction. For support in your recovery, reach out to Myrtle Beach Recovery today and find out how we can help you.