Shocking US Opioid Epidemic Statistics

The fact that opioid overdoses and addiction are at the highest recorded levels may not come as a surprise, but did you know the opioid epidemic is the worst epidemic in American history? Opioids are the leading cause of death in Americans under 50, and unfortunately, the epidemic shows little sign of slowing down. From doctors who keep opioid addiction going strong by overprescribing pain meds to the many forms of opioids that are sold illegally, there are many causes of the opioid epidemic, and many outlets for addicts to get their fix. Learn more about this drug crisis, which kills over 64,000 Americans each year, and the factors that make it so lethal. Read more

Top Ways To Celebrate Sobriety

The decision to forgo drugs and alcohol and choose a life of sobriety is one of the most important you’ll ever make. While that road will come with many challenges, it will also have high points and proud accomplishments. It’s important to celebrate these milestones as it fills you with motivation to continue striving for sobriety. Here are some great ways to celebrate sobriety. Read more

Does Sobriety Get Easier?

By making the decision to work toward your sobriety, you’ve taken a bold first step. But let’s be real here. The journey is going to be challenging at times. This is especially true early on when you may be wondering how you’ll go on living without another drink or dose. However, many addicts throughout the world go on to live productive, sober lives. With effort and determination, you can as well. The journey to sobriety can get easier, and these strategies can help. Read more

Sober New Year’s Resolutions For 2019

New Years resolutions are an opportunity to improve your life in the ways that matter most. With the right goal and enough discipline, you can make lasting changes that enrich every aspect of your life. For those who struggle with addiction, your New Years resolution can align with your goal to stay sober, serving as a constant reminder of your path to sobriety. Consider adopting one of these sober New Years resolutions for 2019. Read more

Tips For Successful Marriage After Sobriety

If you have a spouse who sticks with you and supports you throughout your sobriety, it can be a major source of support. But note that repairing your marriage may be a challenge, especially while you’re continuing on your path to recovery. Discover some tips that may make the transition into sobriety easier when you have a husband or wife to consider as well. Read more

Tips for Dealing with Stress in Sobriety

The decision to quit the drugs that threatened to take hold of your life is always a good one, but it’s rarely easy. On the path to sobriety, stress can come from many sources, both internal and external. From friends who chastise you for not having a drink with them to the constant stress of resisting your addiction, it’s important to manage the various challenges you’ll encounter as you regain control of your life. Here are some tips for dealing with stress in sobriety.   Read more

Common Alcohol Abuse Health Problems

It’s a well-known fact that abusing alcohol will lead to health problems, but exactly how it affects your life is a more complex question. From jeopardizing relationships to ruining your physique, the risks of alcohol abuse can go far beyond the physical. Learn more about some of the most common alcohol abuse health problems that await those who drink alcohol in excess. Read more

Understanding The Benefits Of Sobriety

For those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the path to sobriety will be a challenging one, but it has its rewards. There are mental, physical, and social benefits of sobriety. In this post, we’ll walk you through the benefits, as understanding them can provide the motivation to continue when times get tough. Read more

Telling Friends & Family About Your Sobriety

You’ve recovered from your addiction and are progressing through the 12 steps to recovery. Being social is part of life, and there’s no way to get around it—there are going to be questions and people are going to offer you alcoholic beverages. What will your response be? If you’re not prepared, you may be unnecessarily defensive in your response. This guide will offer tips for telling friends, family, and others about your sobriety. Read more

Are You Enabling A Drug Addict?

Making the right moves when someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol is not always easy. But it is crucial for getting them the help they need. If you’re not being that force that inspires your loved one to pursue help at any cost, then you may be enabling them, keeping a vulnerable addict on a dangerous path. Are you enabling an addict? Learn to spot the signs of an enabler and how to make a positive change instead. Read more